Do You Know The Factors That Can Cause You Birth Defects?

Are you 3d synthetic hair eyelash without the slightest idea of the factors that can cause most of the common birth defects in pregnancy? Read this article to become informed about common birth abnormalities and their causes, so that you can avoid them, and bring forth a normal baby.

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Oifae Did you know that more or less 200,000 abnormal babies are born in the U.S.A. every year due to lack of information, resulting in birth defects? Birth defects are flaws that occur in the structure or mechanism of the organs of your baby during gestation, resulting in either physical or mental impairments. Some of these developmental flaws have resulted stillbirths, short life spans, disfigurements or protracted ill health.

Fetus abnomalities can be caused by several different environmental factors or your genetic 3d synthetic hair eyelash. Regrettably, genetic defects that you inherited may have been caused by environmental factors in your bygone generation.

Genetic Trait.

It is the combination of between 20, 000 to 25, 000 genes that 3d synthetic hair eyelash your genetic trait. If any of your genes contains any flaw it could show up in your baby. For instance, if the color of your skin looks normal even though your gene responsible for producing enough melanin is defective, you could eventual give birth to an albino baby. The same applies to all your other genes that are responsible for the development of your systems and their functions. Genetic defects run in some families. If you and your partner have some defective genes your are prone to birth defects.

Chromosomal Defects.

A chromosome is a threadlike strand of DNA in your cell nucleus that carries the genes in a linear order. If there is a flaw in any of your 22 chromosome pairs or in any of your two sex chromosomes you can be prone to birth defects. These types of fetus abnormalities take place during the development of either your egg or the sperm of your partner. Babies with defects arising from the above disorders usually are born with a whole in the heart, 3d synthetic hair eyelash bifida, down syndrome, cleft lip etc.

Environmental Factors.

A lot has been written about the effect of cleaning agents on pregnancy. Cleaning products are known environmental hazards. You must avoid them during pregnancy. Your home likely harbors a layout of extremely toxic chemicals you use for cleaning. Those cleaning products come with tantalizing labels offering protection from contagions. Most air fresheners, toilet cleaners and sanitizers are toxic. Most cleaning agents are more dangerous than the contagions they claim to eliminate. The toxic chemicals in them hamper successful reproduction, giving rise to several different birth defects.

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To minimize the possibility of birth 3d synthetic hair eyelash in your pregnancy, discuss your family medical history with your doctor, so that he can suggest the appropriate examinations and tests, and avoid exposure to cleaning agents and all environmental hazards.

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