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Eyeshadow For Black Women – How to Apply Eyeshadow Correctly

The most important thing about eye shadow for black women is to pick the right shades to compliment the black china 3d artificial mink eyelash tone. There are lots of different looks that you can achieve depending on what the occasion is. Your eye shadow should enhance your natural beauty and look flawless on the skin.

china 3d artificial mink eyelash
china 3d artificial mink eyelash

Oifae Eye shadow is used to emphasise the eye area and provide drama. To apply, you should have two colours that go well together, one darker and one lighter tone. You need to start off with a smooth base so use a good quality foundation for black skin. This will help to ensure that your eye china 3d artificial mink eyelash will sit on the skin smoothly and will last much longer.

If you are working with powder, use a small eye shadow brush so that you can control how much eye shadow powder you are applying. This will also give you better definition. Always start applying from the inner corner of your eye socket and work your way outwards and upwards.

Take the darker colour first and slowly apply it along the eyelash line and stop when you reach the crease of your eye socket. Now take your second colour, the lighter shade and place it above your darker shade. This colour should extend to your eyebrow line.

Make sure to blend the colours so that there is a neat and seamless touch. You can use your little finger to do this. This will give a smudged effect which can be very appealing. Take your time to get the balance just right. Once you are happy with your china 3d artificial mink eyelash shadow, you can enhance your look further by adding dark mascara to your eyelashes or if you want to go for even more drama, you could consider purchasing some false eyelashes.

china 3d artificial mink eyelash
china 3d artificial mink eyelash

The art of applying china 3d artificial mink eyelash correctly does take time, practice and patience. If you are willing to give yourself the chance you will definitely end up looking fabulous.

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