5 Beauty Tips For a Confident, Polished Look china 3d eyelash factory

Wouldn’t you love to go to a school reunion and have people marvel at how good you china 3d eyelash factory? I was surprised at my 35th reunion, when I realized that all the women who looked really wonderful, in most cases, used cosmetics in high school. When you think about it, there could be a very simple reason. If you used color cosmetics in high school, you might also be more inclined to use skin care products in the coming years. I believe that is the real reason for looking great, well into your forties, fifties and beyond.

Oifae If for some reason I could only use 5 products, the ones I would choose are fa

china 3d eyelash factory
china 3d eyelash factory

cial cleanser, moisturizer, eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. Most people, even in today’s tight economy, can afford those 5 products. It’s rewarding to use some of the anti-aging products because of the dramatic results you can get in skin texture and firmness. Color cosmetics beyond eyeliner, mascara and lipstick play up your best features and minimize others. However for the sake of streamlining a routine for you, let’s just talk about these first five items.

1) Facial Cleanser
A good facial cleanser will remove impurities on the surface of the skin and if it is a 3-in1 cleanser, it also exfoliates and tones while leaving the skin clean and clear. Quality cleansers will also hydrate the skin to a certain extent.

2) Moisturizer
Look for a moisturizer that is positioned as a skin hydrating product. Buy one specifically for your skin type. These moisturizers will soothe and soften dry skin or can absorb oil for up to 10 hours for combination to oily skin. Don’t forget to apply it to your throat as well.

3) Eyeliner
As we age, our china 3d eyelash factory thin. Eyeliner applied into the lash line makes the china 3d eyelash factory look thicker and more abundant, drawing attention to your eyes. It can be applied sparingly for a more natural look or thicker and smudged for a smoky, dramatic look.

china 3d eyelash factory
china 3d eyelash factory

4) Mascara
Mascara lengthens and thickens the china 3d eyelash factory, almost like putting a frame on a picture. If you are using only these 5 products, choose lengthening mascara rather than a waterproof one. Waterproof needs to be removed with an oil free eye-makeup remover to prevent damage to the lashes at night. Be sure to use two or three thin coats of mascara, allowing the china 3d eyelash factory to dry between each application.

5) Lipstick
Lipstick gives you that extra little punch. Create a statement by using a dramatic color or just deepen the natural tone of your lip by using a softer shade. Either way, lipstick finishes your look! Before purchasing, try a sample in the daylight as the fluorescent lights in stores change the appearance of the color.

Using these five simple steps gets you out the door quickly in the morning, looking polished and confident. As well you will reap the rewards of beautiful skin well into your later years.

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