Television – Inspiration for a Halloween Costume!

With hundreds of channels to chose from, unless like me, you are limited to a few network mink fur eye lashes; you are exposed to a wide range of Halloween costume ideas.

mink fur eye lashes
mink fur eye lashes

Oifae Even contemporary dramas and comedies can bring forth new and exciting ideas for a costume. ‘ER’ and the multitude of hospital and medical based TV series opens up the possibilities of a playing a particular role, or a particular actor or a simply wearing an occupational ‘costume’.

‘The Soprano’s provided me thoughts of wearing a Gangster costume, and my girl friend wearing a Gun Moll costume. And what do a Gangster and Gun Moll wear? A white pinstriped double breasted suit, black shirt and white tie along with a fedora for me; and a chintzy, glitzy dress and overdone mink fur eye lashes for her. It’s not what they wore on the TV series, but rather my exaggerated version of what a gangster and his girlfriend should look like. Perceptions versus reality?

With a hairpiece or wig, an accessory, a little a little makeup and possibly an award winning performance by you and Nancy Grace, Sarah Palin or Wolf Blitzer come to life.

Or you might even consider going as Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. Wouldn’t that get someone’s attention?

Reruns are a boon for new ideas. ‘ M*A*S*H’ with all those fatigue uniforms and scrubs.or if you are into the ghoulish, there was the ‘Adaams Family’ and ‘ The Munsters’

Might be a little tricky duplicating a cartoon mink fur eye lashes, but ”Family Guy’ or ‘The Simpson’s’ or any of the Saturday morning cartoons might give you a few ideas. It might be tricky as to how to do it other than buying a Homer mask, or a blue wig for Marge.

‘Dancing With the Stars’ or ‘Monday Night Football’? Good luck with those.

mink fur eye lashes
mink fur eye lashes

A caveat: Just because a character is in the public mink fur eye lashes does not necessarily make he/she/it public domain. Copyright laws might prevent you from duplicating the character / Halloween costume of your choice.

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