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Modern Foundation Concept

Want to look beautiful in front of him? Foundation is what most mink hair eyelashes use as a mean to cover their imperfection. As foundation has become popular for so many years, there are many different outdated concepts stick in your mind. Let us kick them out and replace them with the new and modern concept of foundation!

mink hair eyelashes
mink hair eyelashes

Oifae Many of the ladies may think that only one color of foundation can do everything. In fact, professional advises us to choose foundation in two different colors. One is with color similar to our skin and one is a little bit darker. Apply the dark one onto your jaw bone or cheek to make you face more three dimensional. With proper foundation application skill, you do not have to worry that your face may look dirty with the darker foundation.

Many ladies do not use concealer because they are afraid that the concealer will make their foundation look thicker and mottled. In fact, you choose a concealer which has a darker color instead of lighter color than your foundation in order to cover your imperfections. Also, you may have to choose different colors like green (for red pimples), yellow (for dark circles) or pink (for brownish spots). Finally, you should apply little by little until the imperfection is totally covered up.

Sponge is a good helper to you when you are still at the basic level of mink hair eyelashes world. Sponge cannot do as good as a brush in terms of the thin and natural foundation. You should learn to use a brush. If you are not familiar with that, you can use a sponge to gently press and smudge the foundation after the usage of brush.

Some of you do not like cream foundation as you may think there is no way for your skin to breathe. In fact, the high tech cream foundation achieves the transformation from cream to liquid and to powder. You can feel the smoothness and thinness when applying and after applying the cream foundation. The tip is to control the amount of cream foundation that you use.

Applying foundation to your whole face is a very old concept. You may not need that during your daily life. Apply foundation only on your T zone to cover the large pores can give you good result. If you wish to use it for the whole face, you can apply thicker foundation on the T zone while thinner foundation on other areas.

mink hair eyelashes
mink hair eyelashes

You may be afraid that the under mink hair eyelashes  concealers can make your fine lines more visible, so you have abandon it. In fact, the new under eye concealers nowadays are with fine and smooth texture. They can also help smooth and reduce the fine lines. Therefore, you can definitely give them a try.

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