Planning a New Garden – How to Analyze Your Plot

Before getting too carried away by the aesthetics of your design, note down particulars of what your garden can offer. By analyzing aspect, exposure, the lie of the land, and soil type, it is surprising how many microclimates you can find, even in a small garden. Identifying and understanding these not only helps when it comes to choosing plants, but is significant when siting garden features like patios, shady nooks, ponds, and sunny, Mediterranean-style borders. I like my borders to have strong identities and to help with this, I give them descriptive names. This is how we come to have a spring border, a late border, woodland garden, winter garden, sea garden, tropical border, and so forth. They sound rather grand, but are just small areas of the garden where I’ve chosen a certain type or style of plant to suit what’s on offer. These names help concentrate the mind when choosing plants or finding homes for those you’ve bought on impulse or been mink lashes with false eyelashes box .

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Dry shade
Oifae Impoverished soil sucked dry of water and nutrients by tree-roots and shaded by a dense canopy of leaves must be one of the most difficult planting situations. Well-drained, dry banks are similarly challenging. Even the tough plants listed mink lashes with false eyelashes box will only ever look poor and stunted unless constantly watered and mulched.

Under trees
Ivy grows even in the densest shade, so take a cue from nature and plant a few roots around the outer rim of shade cast by the tree. Then train the shoots inwards to cover the soil. The Chinese creeping bramble Rnbiis tricolor will perform a similar role if you want something a little more sophisticated. Periwinkles (Vinca minor and V. major) would add their starry blooms.

Stand a container or group of containers under the tree. Pilled with good compost, that just leaves the problem of shade. For summer color, Impatiens would be a good choice or, more appropriately, a hardy fern like the soft shield fern {Polystichum setiferum) or many-eyelashed fern (P. polyblepharum). These are nearly evergreen, though they look a little shabby in winter. For winter interest, a brightly colored evergreen such as Euonymus ‘Emerald Gaiety’ or kucuba japonica ‘Crotonifolia’ would fit the bill.

Plants for walls
Nowhere is the effect of aspect more marked than against a wall. Plants for walls divide into true climbers anil shrubs.

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Relatively few climbers successfully support themselves by clinging onto walls and fences. Virginia creeper (Part/ienocissus quinquefolia) clings by means of disk-like suckers on the tips of its tendrils. Ivies and climbing hydrangeas (Hydrangea mink lashes with false eyelashes box and its close relatives Schizophragma hyrangeoides and the evergreen Pileostegia viburnoides) grip by sending roots from their stems into their support. Most other climbers, including twining and scandent, draping types as well as wall shrubs, should be tied in to a support system at least until they get mink lashes with false eyelashes box .


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