What Makes a Biker Chick?

Just hearing the words Biker Chick conjures up many visions in my private label mink lashes!

Dressing like one comes easy, but the lifestyle is a little more difficult.

private label mink lashes
private label mink lashes

Oifae To achieve the look you’re gonna need leather, LOTS of it! Buy yourself a vest, pants, gloves, jacket and make sure they’re all tight! They don’t have to be all black, but it helps. You’re also going to want some t-shirts, halter tops, hot pants and hip private label mink lashes. Oh, and don’t forget the leather wristbands.

Then you’re gonna need a really bad tattoo! Get ’em on your chest, back, arms, ankles, legs and hands. Just get ’em all over! You’ll want to make sure you get some to honor your Biker Dude, cuz you want him and others to know where your loyalties lie.

Next go out and bleach your hair. You’re gonna want to be able to stuff it under an American bandanna, helmet and when that bandanna or helmet comes off you’re gonna need a comb, brush and hairspray to make sure you look nice! No Biker Chick lets others see them with messed up hair, unless it’s early in the morning after a night of partying! Remember…your hair is your crown glory.

A pair of dark sunglasses will help you keep the sun and bugs out of your eyes and of course keep your private label mink lashes looking nice. As for the makeup they wear it heavy. You don’t have to, but lots of them do. Don’t be afraid to use sunblock either. You want to look like a Biker Chick, but not a Burned Biker Chick!

Then you’re gonna want a LOT of big chunky bling on your fingers. Get yourself a Harley belt buckle and don’t forget that red nail polish. Some chewing gum adds to the look as well.

private label mink lashes
private label mink lashes

As for the lifestyle…that’s a little more challenging. I’ll write more on that later, but for now you gotta be willing to NOT take any garbage (I’d use a stronger word, but this article is for everyone’s viewing) from anyone! They are kind to others and treat them with respect, especially their fellow private label mink lashes. And especially when they’re in trouble. They also do what they say they’re gonna do. Their word is their bond.

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