Eyelid Lift – About the Procedure, Risk and Complications

Blepharoplasty is the medical term for eyelid lift. The overall effect of this kind of surgery is an alert and refreshed expression. This operation is often done to complement a brow lift for a more improve appearance, especially around the eyes. There are two kinds of implementation of this procedure, either for the upper lids or the lower lashes private labeling .

In some cases, both lids are operated on when necessary or when the patient wants it. The goal of the operation is to remove fat or excess skin which may have accumulated in and around the lids to enhance or improve the sagging appearance of the lids for a more youthful and refreshed lashes private labeling .

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Oifae  The incisions to be made by the surgeon are usually made in the natural creases or folds of the upper lids. This makes scarring less easy to detect and easier to mask if they do not fade away. In the upper lids, excess skin and tissues are more abundant compared to the lower lids where fat may be more.

Incisions in the lower lid are made just under the natural lines of the lower lashes private labeling . Some doctors prefer to make an incision inside the lower lid to prevent any visible scarring. This is called a transconjunctival incision and may be more complicated than an ordinary eyelid lift. Sutures, tapes and skin adhesives are usually used to keep the cuts in place.

Doctors will prescribe the necessary medicines and lubrication to ease the recovery period. Cold compress can be used to ease the swelling and the discomfort that may occur after the eyelid lift. The doctor might also recommend gauzing up the entire eye area to help prevent touching and accidental injury to the new cuts.

Dry eyes, bruising, itchiness and irritation are some of the temporary side effects that occur after the operation. It is important to follow directions precisely and to control oneself from touching the affected area frequently.

Risks and Complications
Just like any other form of surgery, an eyelid lift can also lead to complications and have a certain amount of risk. Ectropian is one possible complication that may occur after the operation. This is the reversal of the lower eyelid due to drooping, which can be remedied with another operation.

A hematoma can also happen wherein there is a pooling of blood in the area of the surgery. There are remedies for this but this needs immediate attention. Other risks are adverse reactions to the medicines used during the bleeding.

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lashes private labeling

You can opt for an eyelid lift  , if you have excessive eyelid drooping interfering with natural vision or if you wish to cosmetically correct drooping and sagging of your eyelids. To know visit,  lashes private labeling

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