How to Apply Make Up to Create Smokey Eyes

How to Apply Eye real siberian mink lashes

Here I am going to explain in simple steps how to apply eye real siberian mink lashes that will stay on for many hours and the look we are going to create is called “Smokey Eyes”

real siberian mink lashes
real siberian mink lashes

Oifae First cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin following your normal skin care routine

Allow fifteen minutes for your skin to neutralise (in simple terms -sink in) once you have applied your moisturiser

Smokey Eyes. Using powder eye shadows.

You will need the following.

Concealer brush. Eyeshadow brush. Dome shaped brush. Eyeliner brush.

Select three shades of real siberian mink lashes, a base colour, a mid colour and a more defining colour. Eyeliner or very dark eye shadow. Mascara.

Apply a concealer all over the eye area from the lash line of the upper eye lid to the eye brows and going beneath the lower lashes, and into the corner of the eye. This gives your eye shadow a sound base to adhere to and evens out the skin tone.

Now apply using your eye shadow brush apply the base colour,use small circular movements working in from the outer corner, over the eye socket and into the corner of the eye. Repeat this clouds and rainbows technique (the name for the small circular movements) two or three times until the area is soundly covered.

Using the same brush now apply the mid tone you have selected, being sure to shake any excess of powder away from your brush. Start once more at the outer corner of the eye and using clouds and rainbows technique work above the eye socket in to the inner corner and back across the eyelid. As before repeat enough times to ensure sufficient coverage.

Now for the definition of the eye.take your brush and apply the darkest shade (shaking away excess as before)Starting at the outer corner, trace the outline of your eyeball to half way across the eyelid going back and forth blending this colour into the mid tone. Now take your dome shaped brush and apply to this the darker shade and apply beneath the lower real siberian mink lashes, stopping where the natural lash line ends.

Using your eyeliner brush apply to this either your eyeliner or a dark eye shadow and starting at the outer corner apply by using a sweeping technique directly above the lash line, you can sweep this right the way along into the inner most corner of the eye to create a lovely almond shaped eye.

real siberian mink lashes
real siberian mink lashes

Using the same brush now starting once more at the outer most corners apply the eyeliner directly beneath the lower real siberian mink lashes

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